Main CViSS Lab

The main CViSS lab is located in Engineering 2 (room 2342) at University of Waterloo, and serves many functions for the research group. There are several workstations for ML researches, various robotic platforms and, optical seensors. A large optical table is placed at the center to conduct experiment. A meeting area complete with whiteboards, television, camera, and microphone is used to facilitate collaboration with industry and research partners [Link].

Custom platforms

Inspector Gadget 3 (IG-3) [Link1]

Inspector Gadget 4 (IG-4) [Link1]

Mobile scanner [Link1]



Unitree Go1 Edu [Link1]

DJI Tello drone

Clearpath Husky UGV

Clearpath Jackal UGV

Microsoft Hololens 2

Varjo XR-3 [Link1]


Meta Occulus 2

PTZ mount [Link1]



Livox Avia

Livox Mid-70

Intel D435

Ricoh Z1

Intel D405

Ricoh Theta

Azure Kinect

DataVideo BC-50

Velodyne Puck

Flir BlackFly S

JAI SP-12000 High Speed Cameras

Flir ADK Infrared Camera

Canon Powershot SX420

Swift Navigation RTK GPS

Microsoft Xbox Kinect




Newport optical table [Link1]

Prusa i3 MK3S 3D printer [Link1]

APC backup UPS

Intel NUC

GPU workstation [Link1]

Mac mini (MGNR3VC/A)