Smart Structure Technology (CIVE497/700)

This course offers an introduction to the emerging smart structure technologies in civil engineering. Smart structures integrate sensing, actuation, data processing and analysis, and control capabilities so that a structure can sense and respond to its changing external conditions in a rapid and automated manner. Among several topics in smart structure, this course focuses on structural assessment using optical sensor data by implementing state-of-art image processing and computer vision techniques. As a special topic, basic concepts in machine learning, neural networks, convolutional neural networks (deep learning) are covered and relevant applications in civil engineering are introduced. An application-based learning approach is emphasized and tasks are designed in such a way that students implement smart structure technology to address contemporary problems in civil engineering.

Semesters: W19, W20, W21, W22

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Computational Methods (AE/CIVE/ENVE/GEOE 121)

This course offers a practical introduction to computer programming for engineering students using MATLAB. MATLAB is an easy and readable programming language and is an excellent choice for those learning programming for the first time. This course will cover various topics including programming fundamentals, matrix operations, file I/O, numerical methods, and data visualization. Students who successfully complete this course will gain a fundamental understanding of computer programming techniques and be able to operate, analyze, and visualize all types of data.

Semesters: S19, S20, S21, W22, S22

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Data Analytics in Engineering

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